Act sustainably!
We take responsibility

Conflict minerals procurement policy

Heimerdinger Oberflächentechnik is committed to the responsible sourcing of metals in relation to conflict materials.

Heimerdinger Oberflächentechnik conducts regular risk assessments for the supply chain based on the latest data from the RMI.

The basis for this is the Dodd Frank Act (Sec1502) and EU Regulation No. 2017/821.

Heimerdinger Oberflächentechnik will continue its efforts to disclose the transparency of the supply chain by responding to customer enquiries about the origin of conflict minerals.

Our customers can request RMI_CRT and RMI_CMRT at

Environmental protection

We take nature conservation seriously and actively pursue protecting our environment, particularly our native region. In doing so, we do not simply comply with the minimum requirements imposed by law, but in fact go far beyond them.

Thus, we try to make our contribution toward preserving the environment through an ultra-modern effluent treatment system, constant monitoring of our facilities along with correspondent laboratory measures. These provisions do by no means have a negative effect on our quality but are rather solidly implemented in our business operations where they benefit the stable value of our services.

Sustainability of our actions – we assume social and environmental responsibility.