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Hans Heimerdinger Oberflächentechnik
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galvanic electroplating

Hans Heimerdinger Oberflächentechnik is an owner-operated company which has been specialized in high-quality electroplating of galvanic surfaces for decades.

Hans Heimerdinger Oberflächentechnik plates metal components of every size in perfect quality. Plating complexly shaped components with precious metals is one of our specialities, as well as selective plating of unmounted elements.

We have successfully positioned ourselves as the technology leader in the field of precision refinishing of micro components.

Our core competence:
Plating micro components

Hans Heimerdinger Oberflächentechnik is the global leader in plating minute and extremely delicate parts. We have the skills needed to handle diameters from as small as 0.05 mm.

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The international leader in functional plating.

Our aim is to be the top international provider of functional plating for micro-parts, meeting customer needs most precisely.

We secure the steady production of top-quality products through in-house research, constant optimization of our processes and by responding accurately to the demands of the market. Top priority is given to the development of request-specific solutions. We exploit all means which electroplating technology offers to guarantee that our customers receive the ideally suited tailor-made final product in each instance.

We collaborate with numerous institutes and research facilities.

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We refine a wide variety of metals for you with the following surfaces:

Copper, Nickel, Nickel-phosphorus, Bronze, Silver, Gold and gold alloys, Rhodium and rhodium alloys, Pd and Pd alloys, Passivation, Passivation of stainless steel, Electropolishing of stainless steel.

Other surface treatments are available on request.

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Barrel application

The barrel method for all-over finishes

Vibration technology

Our vibration equipment makes it possible for us to plate even highly delicate micro components precisely

Selective electroplating

for partial plating

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Industry competence

Our plating solutions meet even the highest standards as required by high-tech industries.

  • Aerospace
  • Medical engineering
  • Automobile industry
  • IT and communication technology
  • Renewable energies

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To ensure the quality of our products, we have established a production-process-accompanying, multi-level quality management system which has proved itself over time.

We are certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001
DQS registration no.: 248770 QM

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