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Quality assurance

Our goal is to continually surpass ourselves and constantly refine all our processes.


To ensure the quality of our products, we have established a production-process-accompanying, multi-level quality management system which has proved itself over time. Our gapless documentation of this process provides certainty for our customers.

Our aim is to secure consistency on the highest level.

Testin laboratory / Measurement technology

In order to maintain our high standards and to ensure the reproducibility of our quality …

… we use the latest measurement and analysis methods as well as accurate documentation of all our processes. Our quality assurance system is subject to constant modernisation and further development.

Among other things, the following technology is used:

  • X-ray measurement of plating thickness
  • Measurement of plating thickness on ground sections, optically or by scanning through an electron microscope
  • Visual inspection with stereo microscopes
  • Scanning through an electron microscope
  • EDX surface analysis
  • Thermal tests with follow-up soldering tests
    according to DIN IEC 68-2-20
  • Whisker tests
  • Magnetometer (fluxgate)/ Förstersonde
  • Corrosion tests using climatic tests in a climatic chamber at -100° C with 0%-100% humidity
  • Various annealing furnaces for a wide variety of tempering tests

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We are certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001 DQS registration no.: 248770 QM
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Analysis in our in-house laboratory


To guarantee consistent plating quality, all necessary analyses of the process electrolytes are performed at fixed, regular intervals in our in-house laboratory using ultra-modern analytical methods such as photometers, ICP, automatic titrators, tensiometers and AAS.

This exceptional laboratory equipment allows us to guarantee our customers absolute reliability and functionality at all times.