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Barrel application
Vibration technology
Rack electroplating
Selective electroplating
Plating micro-parts

Every surface plating begins with the analysis of the requirements that the plating must fulfil.

Based on this knowledge and with our 35 years of valuable experience, we will be happy to advise you professionally on the selection of the appropriate process or develop a plating solution suitable for your needs.

The barrel method for all-over finishes

In our barrel department, we refine bulk loose goods in large and small batch sizes. We are able to reliably and gently process even so-called ‘problem components’ with delicate threads or blind holes.

We have variety of plating barrels of different sizes and perforations available to fulfil a great range of product-specific needs.

Vibration technologyProcessing of small components in the form of bulk loose goods

Our vibration equipment makes it possible for us to plate even highly delicate micro components precisely.

Through the vibration, sensitive small bulk components are mixed gently in a processing cage. This prevents them from either getting caught in one another or becoming deformed under their own weight. This method stands out due to its exact distribution of electroplated layers and the exceptionally uniform evenness of surface metal.

Rack electroplating for especially complex geometries

Rack electroplating is suitable for particularly delicate parts which, due to their geometry, size or weight, are not fit for barrel electroplating. It furthermore conduces to the partial plating of components.

We will be glad to provide you with professional advice on the selection of a suitable method or develop a specific plating solution.

Selective electroplating for partial plating

This method is suitable for the precise, selective plating of individual components in medium and large batch sizes. Through arranging the components in a particular fashion on special racks, only the areas of the components immersed in electrolyte get plated.

The very precise partial application achieved through this kind of plating makes it possible to meet technical specifications and cut on costs by using only as much precious metal as required.

surface finishing

Quality starts with the details.

Often, post-treatment is the key to resilience to wear and corrosion. The goal is to achieve improved wear behaviour with the slightest possible effect on the surface.

Depending on the field of application, we can find the best individual solution for you.