Tailor-made solutions for individual requirements

Industry expertise

Our customer base is generated from a variety of industries, including:

  • The electrical industry

  • Medical engineering

  • Aerospace

  • Automotive industry

  • IT and communication technology

  • Renewable energies

Our aim is to provide our customers with maximum quality and put them into a position of technological advance through our consulting which is based on decades of experience.

This has led to many long-term partnerships with renowned companies who value us as a reliable and innovative partner and have awarded us with their trust for decades.

Medical engineering

We guarantee maximum product safety.

Hans Heimerdinger Oberflächentechnik offers a wide range of high-quality plating solutions for modern medical engineering. We meet the specific requirements regarding surface quality, durability and biocompatibility as well as the purity grade for plated medical devices.

Our expertise includes the functional surface finishing of products for:

  • Orthopaedic and surgical applications

  • Various titanium implants

  • Components of medical systems

Electrical engineering
IT Telecommunication


Many years of experience, acquired know-how and the close cooperation with customers from electrical engineering, electronics and telecommunications all contributed to make us a specialist in the development and production of functional surfaces in these fields.

This specialisation and our unique ability to anticipate our customers’ requirements have allowed us to become the world's leading supplier of functional surfaces for printed circuit boards and semiconductor test adapters.

Our standard – your security

Aerospace engineering

Due to the strictest specifications considering quality assurance and documentation, the aerospace industry only collaborates with very few carefully selected and highly specialised suppliers.

As one of these few companies to meet the extraordinarily high standards, Hans Heimerdinger Oberflächentechnik is a certified and authorised partner of major air carriers in Germany and abroad.